Twitter library for Corona®

Tweet from Corona apps with a single line of code. Simple to use, yet easy to fine control, and 1.1 compatible.

Works on both iOS and Android Same code works everywhere, in the Corona tradition.
Built-in picture upload, simple as it should be Forget about MIME type formats, base64 encoding, and all that scary stuff: attach pictures to Tweets just by their filename.
Twitter 1.1 ready Our library uses the syntax of the current official version, v1.1, of the Twitter API. Read more about it → The previous 1.0 version has been deprecated in March 2013.
Supports multiple Twitter accounts per app If for some reason each single instance of your app needs to keep credentials of several Twitter accounts, our library not only supports it, but it will make your life really easy.
Take back control when you need to The lib does not require you to implement any callback, but if you need more control, you can trigger the workflow (success, failure, user cancels, etc) with your own callback functions.